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Kettlebell RDL

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The following information is to be used as a guideline only. If any of the exercises cause any pain or discomfort, stop the exercise immediately and consult your physician. We strongly encourage you to consult with a physician before participating in any physical activity.

Primary Muscles: Hamstrings
Secondary Muscles: Glutes
Body Area: Legs
Modality Types: Free Weights Free Weights
Equipment: Kettlebells

Kettlebell RDL Kettlebell RDL

Proper Steps

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  • Read "Getting Started" before beginning any exercise
  • Begin in a standing position with a kettlebell held with both hands
  • Ensure that your back is straight and stays that way for the duration of the movement
  • Initiate the movement by flexing your hips, slowly pushing your butt as far back as you can
  • The knees should only partially bend, and your weight should remain on your heels.
  • When your hips cannot perform any further backward movement, slowly return to the starting position by extending the hips.


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