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Bent-Over Row, Dumbbell

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The following information is to be used as a guideline only. If any of the exercises cause any pain or discomfort, stop the exercise immediately and consult your physician. We strongly encourage you to consult with a physician before participating in any physical activity.

Primary Muscles: Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids
Secondary Muscles: Trapezius
Body Area: Back
Modality Types: Machines Machines, Free Weights Free Weights
Equipment: Dumbbells, Performance Barbell Bench Press, Precor DB Bench

Bent-Over Row, Dumbbell Bent-Over Row, Dumbbell

Proper Steps

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  • Read "Getting Started" before beginning any exercise
  • Place your leg on a flat bench. This will be the opposite leg to the arm you are working
  • Bend over so your back is parallel to the floor
  • Place the hand opposite that you are working out in front of you on the bench for more support
  • Keep your standing leg slightly bent
  • Grasp the dumbbell with palm facing towards the bench
  • Let your arm hang all the way down and then pull the weight straight up
  • Keep your head up and back straight at all times, and do NOT swing or use momentum to lift the weight up
  • This exercise can also be performed with barbells, different machines or with a cable


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